About us

Our past

The history of Ricardo Caballer, S.A. (RICASA) starts with its founder, Mr. Vicente Caballer Calatayud, who in 1881 founded the Fireworks Company from which our company was born, under the direction of Mr. Ricardo Caballer Zamorano.

The same enthusiasm to colour the festivals and maintain the tradition lives on in us preserving the spirit and philosophy that once inspired our ancestor master.

Our present

Today, we continue the spirit and philosophy which once inspired the founder: To work with the enthusiasm to convey with the fireworks in special celebrations, the joy and the sounds delight and the brightness of colors that captivate senses, the feeling that many times the words are unable to express.

Following the tradition, the Company is now managed by Mr. Ricardo Caballer Estellés and Mr. Ricardo Caballer Cardo, grandson and great-grandson of the founder respectively.


Ricardo Caballer Pyrotechnics, S.A (Ricasa) is a Spanish Company specialized in manufacturing all kinds of fireworks, at the forefront of research and realization of new features and effects for Fireworks of any kind: Earth, Air, Pyromusicals, Stage, …etc.

Supplies pyrotechnics products to the five continents with branches in Madrid and Ibiza; and it are the provider of special effects fireworks to several thematic parks.