Quality Policy

The General Manager assumes responsibility for the management of quality of  “DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND MARKETING OF PYROTECHNIC MATERIAL” and, in order to provide products that satisfy the needs of internal and external clients with maximum efficiency, exposes the following Quality Policy on which is based the Quality Management System, and which shall be reviewed periodically through the revision of the System by the General Manager:

In RICASA we work with enthusiasm to convey beauty and excitement through the fireworks, exploiting the joy and pleasure that inspire their sounds and colors.

This can only be achieved by manufacturing pyrotechnic material that meets the specified quality requirements, through the commitment of our employees and the collaboration of our suppliers.

We declare that the basis of our daily work is:

  • To achieve the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, based on the fulfillment of their needs and of the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To continuously improve, taking advantage of the human and technical resources of the company, for the adequate management, competitiveness, internal communication and effectiveness of our system of Quality of the processes of our activity.
  • To Identify the risks and opportunities that are necessary to address in order to achieve the expected results, increase the desirable effects and prevent or reduce unwanted effects and to achieve continuous improvement. Identificar los riesgos y oportunidades que son necesarios abordar para lograr los resultados previstos, aumentar los efectos deseables y prevenir o reducir efectos no deseados y lograr la mejora continua.
  • A commitment to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other applicable requirements.

This quality policy is fixed on the achievement of the quality objectives set by the General Management.