Vicente Caballer Calatayud

Back in 1881, Vicente Caballer Calatayud founded the company's headquarters. Thus was born our contribution to the legendary aspiration to master one of the four classical western elements. And one of the most powerful: fire. But our history does not begin at the end of the 19th century, but long before. Our essence takes up the tradition of the ancestors who dreamed of controlling fire tens of thousands of years ago

60s and 70s

Ricardo Caballer Zamorano

Ricardo Caballer Zamorano, Caballer Calatayud's son, started the Ricardo Caballer pyrotechnics company in the 1960s. The workshops on the road to Benicalap and Paterna preceded the factory in Olocau. It specializes in the manufacture of fireworks of all kinds: casings, rockets, lights ... Already in the 70s it began to design shots for fallas commissions that still continue today and for all of Spain.


Ricardo Caballer Estell├ęs

In the 80s, Ricardo Caballer Estell├ęs - grandson of the founder - gave a new impulse and put his personal stamp: the RICASA brand, currently known throughout the world. The innovation and vision of the business make the factory grow and increase production for customers outside of Spain, throughout Europe. In addition, contacts with the Japanese Marutamaya masters are initiated.

90s: Ricasa

A new transition, with the arrival of Ricardo Caballer Cardo, makes the company increase its international projection significantly. The experience of the father and the modernity of the son place it at the height of the best pyrotechnics on the planet at the end of the 90s.

s. XXI

Ricardo Caballer Cardo

Ricardo Caballer Cardo leads the RICASA project at the turn of the millennium. The firm is present in major world events, in the United States, Japan, the Persian Gulf, Russia, Central America and in the best-known theme parks in the world.


Quality and sustainability

RICASA pyrotechnics maintains today the spirit of its foundation. After living in three different centuries, we strive to combine tradition and modernity, essence and innovation. Our reason for being is the quality of the premium product, combined with the utmost respect for the environment.