The tallest Mascletá in history
XVII pyromusical show in Sueca, including a tribute to The Route
Ignis Brunensis winners 2017
Pyromusical show in the Serrano's Towers of Valencia - Fallas UNESCO
Ricasa wins Golden Jupiter in Montreal 2016 international contest

2014 Olympic winter games - Sochi

25th International Fireworks Competition - Hannover

2015 Central American and Caribbean Games - Veracruz

2011 Panamerican games



New Year's Eve Spectacle

XVII pyromusical show in Sueca, including a tribute to The Route

Ricasa wins IGNIS Brunensis 2017

Ricasa has won the International competition of pyromusical shows in Brno “Ignis Brunensis 2017”, which has become one of the most important fireworks competitions in Europe. Title of the show displayed by Ricasa was “Magic Dreams”

Piromusical show in Serrano’s Towers of Valencia to celebrate Fallas intangible heritage of humanity. UNESCO

Thousands of people gathered this afternoon around the Serrano’s Towers in the city of Valencia to celebrate the declaration of Fallas as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, in a festive event that has pounded gunpowder, music, light and sound and even a cremà.

Ricasa – Pirotecnica Ricardo Caballer S.A. Montreal Festival 2016 – Gold Jupiter Winner

Ricasa, Pirotecnia Ricardo Caballer of Valencia, has won the Golden Jupiter of the 32nd edition of the prestigious Festival “L’International des Feux Loto-Québec”, held in Montreal (Canada) where he participated last July 23 with the show “Cinemagia “. The award is the most important in the pyrotechnics sector worldwide and is added to the bronze obtained in 1998.
Ricardo Caballer Cardo designed the show in a clear tribute to one of his passions, which is the cinema and its soundtracks, and so far it has been the largest assembly made by this Valencian company.

Ricasa: valencian pyrotechnics and fireworks company

Ricardo Caballer SA is a company and fireworks factory in Valencia with a long history of success, both in prestigious international fireworks festivals and in the manufacture of pyrotechnic products for customers all over the world.

Trajectory of Ricasa, a consolidated pyrotechnic company

The history of Ricardo Caballer, S.A. (RICASA) starts with its founder, Mr. Vicente Caballer Calatayud, who in 1881 founded the Fireworks Company from which our company was born, under the direction of Mr. Ricardo Caballer Zamorano.

The same enthusiasm to colour the festivals and maintain the tradition lives on in us preserving the spirit and philosophy that once inspired our ancestor master.

The present of Ricasa: The spirit of Ricardo Caballer SA

Today, we continue the spirit and philosophy which once inspired the founder: To work with the enthusiasm to convey with the fireworks in special celebrations, the joy and the sounds delight and the brightness of colors that captivate senses, the feeling that many times the words are unable to express.

Following the tradition, the Company is now managed by Mr. Ricardo Caballer Estellés and Mr. Ricardo Caballer Cardo, grandson and great-grandson of the founder respectively.

Our facilities: fireworks factory in Valencia

To carry out its activity the Company is perfectly equipped, has appropriately qualified professionals, equipment´s tool and a fleet of vehicles. Located in the municipality of Olocau (Valencia) , it currently covers an area of over 100.000 square meters, fully fenced and equipped with the lastest security measures.